Red shoes

I had took this frame during halloween night in 2013, it is a old frame I never shared. I had decided to go out that night with a group of friends to take photos, and to experience the whole halloween thing on mill ave. Mill Ave. is where all the college kids hang out and party.

One shot in particular I loved was his shot of a girls shoes, she was all dressed up but I liked the red against the dark road.

Planet of the drums

I have been a fan of drum & Bass music for years. Drum and bass is a form of electronic music, usually loud and hard, if I had to compare it to something I guess it would be like hard core metal.  I had decided to go to this show by myself so I was able to move around as I pleased. It was a tIny little club packed with dancing people and of course loud music, so loud in fact I could feel the bass in my chest.

These guys have been touring under the name Planet of the drums for years, though they do perform separately, their separate djs names are AK1200, Dieselboy, Dara and mc messinian.


Here is a shutter dragged crowd shot. 

And the djs. left to right ak1200, dieselboy, dara

This is Mc Messinian.

Past Family Reunion

Im going to make a few posts in a the next day or so, some people had some interest in my blog as of late and I really haven’t upated anything here in awhile. Here is a frame to tide you over.

This is a photo of a family reunion we had some time ago. These are some of my family members playing christian chicken scratch music.




Hello all, I’m still alive.

Always shooting photos but never sharing, as always.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Here is a quick photo blog.

All photos on either a Olympus xa or xa2.


Earlier this year I took a road trip with my mom to help bury her sister in Gila Bend, we had left at about 4 in the morning and arrived at the church about 7 in the morning.

These were taken afterwards on the way home.  Gila Bend, if you have passed through here you know not much is there.

You might have heard of the Space Age Restaurant, its kinda a tourist attraction.

This is where you check in to get a room.

This place was called “The Bar”, I  know you can’t really see it much but that is what it says up top.

He asked us what time it opened, we told him we had no idea.

This is the old catholic church for the area we were at. They don’t use this one no more since they built a new one, this place was super small.

On the way back I saw this road side shrine of Mary.

The last remaining frames are from around Christmas time, yeah I know super old.

Fake flowers, they still look nice…

This was funny to me.

This guy instead of singing Christmas tunes was actually playing his guitar. I wish I had got a photo of him playing, I really enjoyed hearing him play.

He was taking his break reading a book.

This gentleman was praying over his coffee and donut.

I really liked his demeanor for whatever reason.

Christmas donuts…

No matter how simple of crazy they are I enjoy seeing the different types of woman’s shoes. I find them interesting.

And lastly a tiny jet trail.

Hanging With The Olympus Stylus Epic.

I’ve had this camera forever and decided to run a roll through it to see if it still worked. When I did use the camera it produced awesome photos. I always tend to carry this and my xa in my bag when i’m making my commute to work. Well hope you like the images, and as always thanx for looking at this spot. See you next time.

My coworkers, Duncan and Clarice. I had found this photo on the roll when I had it developed, they were having fun with my camera that day.

Chloe and me waiting for my wife to be done with the shopping.

Pizza shot…

A friend of ours had a petting zoo at her daughters Birthday party, I like this guy. Funny thing about me and goats, they always seem more attracted to me than most people. Honestly I cannot count the times I look at a goat from across a pen and he is staring directly at me, turn away and look back he is a bit closer, then look down and see a goat chewing on my shirt.

Talia, she is in love with all animals and always wants to give them hugs and kisses, this goat was no exception.

What Do A Camera And A Tomato Have In Common?

It has been awhile since I posted anything, much remains the same. Life has been carrying on as always work, cameras, bike, and of course family life. Not that it is a bad thing, cause it is not. Here are some random photos that I have taken, mostly of everyday things as always.

To answer the question above, the answer is the “Konica Tomato” I had found this one at the goodwill for a couple of bucks, I had heard about these cameras and thought it would be a fun camera to shoot with. It has a glass lens so it not a super cheap camera, and from my experience the konica glass lenses produce wonderful images when the focus is right on. I think the best shot is the one of the broken light below, the focus looks right on.

Here is my desk, as you know I spend alot of my time here.

Me and Darrell on our way home from downtown Phoenix, we had gone to a bike event and rode through the not so glamorous part of phoenix.

At the halloween store, I saw this creepy doll thing that when you press the button the eyes light up and it has all kinds of screaming.

Summer snow cones.

Broken car lights, almost looks like the previous polaroid shot.

And lastly, flowers on my bicycle commute home.

More Land Camera Love

This is a warning…whatever you do, don’t buy a land camera…seriously, even if it is given to you, don’t take it.

The land camera given to me by my friend Steve has become a addiction. Being able to shoot and see a instant photo has started to make me crazy, I feel like I’m shooting everything I see. There is just something about shooting this camera that makes it wonderful. It’s the instant gratification that pulls you in, you shoot, pull, wait a couple of seconds, peel, and then stare at the print in amazement.

And another thing is Fuji film. I love fuji film, I love the colors Fuji film gives. Even the black and white stuff is amazing. My jaw always drops open when I see a nicely rendered fuji print. Something about the film is special.

Anyways I have a bunch of frames to share. I had bought 3 packs before I went on a trip to Florida for training, didn’t shoot much while there since I was mostly trapped by rain. But I have been using it here at home…Here are some shots.

Here is my first shot…Something on the print it seems.

We had our training at the Disney Yacht Club at Disney World. That place is weird… too much Mickey for my taste…

Found a decent place to eat, a little brewery place.  Food is expensive in Disney World, actually everything is expensive.

It’s crazy, all I could think off was the twilight zone episodes where a person gets trapped in a small town and can’t escape.

That’s what Disney World felt like to me.

It was raining like crazy… I love the rain in Florida. I love when it pours like that.

Fireworks every night to close down the park… fireworks are always cool…

Clarice my coworker wearing her Disney poncho… the viewfinder kept fogging up.

Going home…

when I got home I noticed some weird stuff on the print,

washed it under some warm water, I think a little too much, the print started to move around…I like the effect.

A normal one…

Back at work, siting at my desk…
I was jet lagged and couldn’t work, so I took a couple photos of my desk.

My coworker Clarice’s flower sits on my window seal since I have the nice morning light.

And a shot of all my other junk on my desk…

We went to lunch for mexican food and I took these…

The day was perfect. Not hot, cloudy, and a slight breeze.

Those Fuji blue’s…

Took this one too…I love these two prints…

Made it out to the reservation for some deliveries…

Stopped at the side of the road and took these…

Color film in the summer deserts is always fun.

Different angle…

Went for pizza and saw this… I just thought it was interesting…

Another thing about AZ summers is the clouds blend in with the sunlight and produce a amazing golden hour.

I dragged my friend Darrell outside for this shot…

loved the Golden light on the trees.

Out on lunch again and came across this VW. I have a thing for VW’s, even if they are not the nicest, they all have something unique about them. I loved the mismatched wheels.

Earlier today I took these shots. I always love to see what state this rug will look like. They had a pair of shoes sitting outside their door all winter long, finally they disappeared and in the spot the phonebook now sits. I think it is funny.

Test shot…

Chloe with her fox mask on. Talia told me she wore that thing all day, even when they were driving around to different stores..

This one is a little out of focus. But I still like it.

And finally I’m out of instant film, all three packs worth.  I loved this one alot, she ended up changing her dress for Talia’s mom’s Birthday party here at the house.

This little girl dresses up every time we have or go to a party. She loves party dresses.