Sad day for the Ricoh GRD III

Hello all, in recent news my computers hard drive finally gave up the ghost in my Mac mini. I have used that tiny computer since about 2007, and also my Ricoh GRD III screen cracked so It just mostly Walgreen scans from here on out until I get my hard drive replaced.

here is some photos from my ricoh before it passed away.

Went to Vegas for a bicycle convention. I was pretty drunk when I took this, Jameson was not nice to me that night.

She was dancing at the Excalibur. She posed for one and then after that she was displeased with me taking photos.

Las Vegas Dancer

my Leica m2

noticed how the light was hitting this ashtray in the afternoon light. I was also waiting for my ride home.

Ash Tray

More socks and shoes.

Socks & Shoes

and the sad screen.

Poor Ricoh GRD III

More Vivitar CV35 Fun

This little camera has become a super favorite of mine.

I love being able to shoot and not really think about the tool I am using, I have always loved that about toy cameras. It gives me the chance to just capture simple moments.


My coworkers shoes, I really liked liked them, in the back they have a white stripe going down the middle of the shoe. I also really loved the movement the wind was giving to her dress.


We went to visit my mom and I decided to finish the roll there.

The last of the days light was casting long shadows and making amazing colors in the sky, the clouds looked amazing in the distance.

The one thing I really miss about reservation living is the evenings, at about this time in the day time seems to slow down and the focus is on the family, evening meals, and just everyday life take over.

The outside world is of no concern.


Old clothes line behind my uncles house which is next door to my moms home. I love how the lens made the frame look off.

This is a old mud house that my mom, her aunt and my uncle as well as my grandmother, and great grandparents lived in at one time. This house is old and is made from old dirt or adobe block.
As a kid I remember the elders would come over to this house pick of the clay and taste it and say that the clay was old and it would remind them of there past.

Cell Phone Pics

I find myself using my cell phone for random snapshots throughout my day, usually when riding to and from work.

Sometimes it is easier than having to dig through my pocket and dig out a camera for a photo, here are some of those random snaps.

My lunch bag.



The morning ride in. I was lucky enough to catch a sprinkler spraying me in the face and cooling me off.

The ride home, it was super hot and I stopped at a sprinkler. In the middle of a Arizona summer you can never get to wet.

I rarely encounter people on my commute home going in the same direction as me.

more bike posing.

more bike lane stuff.

I do see alot of dead birds.

rear fender

my rear tire had a blow out so I had to have talia bring me a new one. I like the mismatched wheels. I had stopped in the park to listen to the thunder from the passing storm. I had got caught in the downpour only about 10 mins prior. I love commuting in the rain.

Me after the storm. foggy glasses.

Here is a microburst that I saw. This was right before another opened up over my head.

and finally different bikes in the same spot, I like to waste time with a drink in the park.

Vivitar CV35 A Toy Camera

I’ve been using this camera on my bike rides to and from work, It is so small I can throw it in my pocket and forget about it until I need it. here are some frames that I was able to take with it. Actually I have 2 of these things since I have fell in love with them. Not bad for a couple of bucks at the goodwill.


Bike ride home. I like how my lunch bag always stares back at me, this is a home scan.

Here are some other bike photos I have shot with this thing.


Here is a rez pup named Raleigh.

Condom laying on the ground. As you can see it has a weird distortion to the lens,

I really like that.

The customer service food leftovers. Donuts and then chicken.

I had none of this BTW.

More leftovers.

Still on the food shots.

Cactus fruit landscaping on the way home, these cactus sit in front of the casino.

Lonely grocery cart.

Lonely automatic shopping cart.

Always think it is a bit strange when I see a company using a tribes name as the company name.

Here are some shots of people. wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t have some random people.

This has to be the best frame from the couple of rolls I have shot with these cameras.

I love that the faces are so non distinct. Well hope you enjoyed this post!

Red shoes

I had took this frame during halloween night in 2013, it is a old frame I never shared. I had decided to go out that night with a group of friends to take photos, and to experience the whole halloween thing on mill ave. Mill Ave. is where all the college kids hang out and party.

One shot in particular I loved was his shot of a girls shoes, she was all dressed up but I liked the red against the dark road.

Planet of the drums

I have been a fan of drum & Bass music for years. Drum and bass is a form of electronic music, usually loud and hard, if I had to compare it to something I guess it would be like hard core metal.  I had decided to go to this show by myself so I was able to move around as I pleased. It was a tIny little club packed with dancing people and of course loud music, so loud in fact I could feel the bass in my chest.

These guys have been touring under the name Planet of the drums for years, though they do perform separately, their separate djs names are AK1200, Dieselboy, Dara and mc messinian.


Here is a shutter dragged crowd shot. 

And the djs. left to right ak1200, dieselboy, dara

This is Mc Messinian.