Film From 2016

Merry Christmas! I hope it was an amazing Holiday. We were busy around this house over the holiday and I was back to work on Tuesday. It was too quick of a holiday, albeit too short. In a couple of days it is going to be 2018, that’s so weird to me. Ill also be 38 years old in the months time. Anyways, I’m going off topic, so for Christmas my wife went and got my film that has been at the camera store since July 2016. Sorry Tempe camera for making you wait so long. I was super psyched to get them back!

First shots are from my Leica M6, Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4 SC, and Kodak Trix 400. We had taken a family trip for my wife’s job to Tucson. We had made our way to Colossal Cave. This was the first time going with my wife and daughter. When I was younger my dad took the whole family here for a family trip. It was awesome to think I was doing the same thing.

Overlooking the mountain range.

I know this was in Tucson somwhere, I just liked the Symmetry.

 One of our family reunions. The kids had a water slide, it was over 105 degrees that day.

Homemade tortilla and burgers.

In some airport, I’m not sure where this is at. I really like this frame. This might be here in the valley now that I really look at it.


Switching cameras now and moving to the Olympus XA loaded with Fuji Superia 200 and Kodak Portra 400.

I was waiting to get a haircut.

We work down the street from a Harley dealer.

My wife and Jetta Jim. Rest In Pieces wherever you are. Cant go into it now.

He rests somewhere over the rainbow.

Nothing beats feeling the air while on the drive. Think thats my coworker.

Old men playing games.

Flowers and sky.



I dig this frame.



Back To Film

Its been some time since I developed some film here at home. I finally purchased what I needed and got to work. I developed a couple of rolls and am not impressed. Ive had some issues with the film, mostly my fault and not developing correctly.

These photos are pretty old. Me and my friend Mihio had gone out and taken some photos together,  the other photos are from bicycle commutes. For cameras I used a toy Konica something or another which it turns out I do not like, and Konica POP.


This would have been a good frame except for the shadow. I think thats my finger or a camera strap, I dig here tattoo.

I don’t know what this means, I just know the derogatory term Injun.

Lady walking.

Guy walking.

Cops driving.

Feeding the birds.

Now to the Konica toy camera frames.

Goodwill adventures, biker ladies.

More fingers in the frame. The focus seems really weird on this camera.


Now jumping to some older frames.

I used the Konica POP for these.

Car accident.

I like this guy.

Crying kiddo in the dirt.

Sometimes you just need to let them cry it out.

Tired of walking.


Tossing The Tooth To The Judum

When Chloe looses a tooth she takes the tooth home and gives the tooth back to the Judum, Judum is how you say bear in Pima. This tradition has been going since Talia was a child herself, Talia’s family is the one who started it. We take the tooth to a local mountain and Chloe talks to the Judum in O’otham and tosses the tooth.

In the community revivals are not uncommon. I remember going to revivals with my Grandma and mom when I was young, either we went to other churches in the community or we went to our own church. I have to admit I did not like staying up late and being tired the next day for school.

Revival tent, always so cold during the winter months and hot during the summers.

Couldn’t help but notice the crazy cloud formations in the sky.

Home to moms and she made us stew and homemade tortillas. This was one of the best dinners I had in along time, mom always makes the best foods.

Devils claw for basket making. My mom has been learning to make baskets for some time.

She didn’t make these baskets but they use them for ceremonial basket dancing. I really like this photo, the contrast between the baskets and dads. Two  tottally different worlds.

Reese Jay

Reese Jay is one tough guy, he is the oldest man left in our family, right now he is only 70 years old. He is also why my nephew is named Reese. He has had some rough times in his life. His wife died when I was younger and so did his daughter. I would always stay at their house when I was young. I remember them waking up early in the morning at the crack of dawn to make coffee and eggs. Now he lives alone, still has his crazy habits like smoking and eating donuts in the morning.