Film From 2016

Merry Christmas! I hope it was an amazing Holiday. We were busy around this house over the holiday and I was back to work on Tuesday. It was too quick of a holiday, albeit too short. In a couple of days it is going to be 2018, that’s so weird to me. Ill also be […]

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Back To Film

Its been some time since I developed some film here at home. I finally purchased what I needed and got to work. I developed a couple of rolls and am not impressed. Ive had some issues with the film, mostly my fault and not developing correctly. These photos are pretty old. Me and my friend […]

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Tossing The Tooth To The Judum

When Chloe looses a tooth she takes the tooth home and gives the tooth back to the Judum, Judum is how you say bear in Pima. This tradition has been going since Talia was a child herself, Talia’s family is the one who started it. We take the tooth to a local mountain and Chloe […]

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Reese Jay

Reese Jay is one tough guy, he is the oldest man left in our family, right now he is only 70 years old. He is also why my nephew is named Reese. He has had some rough times in his life. His wife died when I was younger and so did his daughter. I would […]

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