I have decided to delete my old blog because well I’m tired of posts that don’t make any sense. It is one thing to be reading what’s on my mind, when you put things out there everyone sees those thoughts even if they are just jotted down quickly. And in that comes fragments, fragments you don’t want people to see and things that should not have been said are said. It becomes too personal. Everyone you know and don’t know can see those thoughts.

I always wanted to let that show in my work, artwork that is, not by writing down things. That’s why I kept a journal for many years, so those thoughts could be written down but never shared, and then destroyed when I felt like it. As an artist things in your head are always all over the place. Thoughts are random. Feelings are random. And people can take those thoughts and feelings and change them into something you didn’t mean too say or mean. And with that said I have started something new.

I love the world I see.

You may have heard me utter that phrase before, this has rung true for me for so many reasons, I love everything this world throws in your path, it lets you know you’re alive, there are positive and negative things in this world and sometimes we get pulled into things we want and don’t want. It is as human beings we figure out how those things negative or positive affect us on a daily level. There is always something to see in this world be it the ant crawling on the ground or to the stars above sitting in space. And there is beauty and chaos in all those things.

Order and disorder.

When we see those things they can evoke some kind of reaction sadness, happiness, empathy, it is what makes you and me human. If you learn to cherish those feelings, save those feelings and try to understand those feelings you can better understand yourself.

And finally all my photo journals will go here, as well as my artwork digital or otherwise will go here. I encourage you to visit and see. Yes it will be slower since it will be only art posted here. But please bear with me and enjoy the art to come.


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