Sometimes one gets very tired of pushing logos and text on screen.

Take for instance this ad I’m working on not so much a ad as a flyer for community members talking about our emergency dialer for elderly folk, it dials 6 numbers out and can send a message to emergency personnel.

Well the only logo we had was on the other sheet of paper. not a digital version So I had to find out want font it was and do it over, saved it so I could use it over again, now I’m trying to organize the text of the actual flyer telling what the machine does.

I don’t have a picture either of the machine so I might have to take a photo.

I have to design it so it at least catches the eye of the person reading it.

That’s what my day entails most of the time.

Pushing stuff around a screen. If you were to look at my desk it is not organized like my screen is. My screen is a complete opposite of my real life desk. Funny how that works out, I can stand to have my desk disorganized but on screen its different.

Anyway all I have to say is Gila river telecommunications is such a hard name to deal with plus a round logo….

Ohhh well back to the grindstone.

August 7, 2007

I’m sitting here thinking about stuff and I don’t know why but for some odd reason I really miss the freedom of my blog. I miss just typing what I feel like.

I deleted the blog cause I typed something I guess shouldn’t have been typed. As with the net it leaves a lot open for interpretation and people interpret the things you say and can use those things against you.

But I do miss the simplicity of just typing what’s on my mind and just being able to share with you my thoughts and experiences, the whole reason for the blog was not trying to be cool or the next big thing, it was made for me. I hate myspace, yes I will be on there from time to time the whole point of me making a myspace page was for me to show my artwork. I did that and it spanned into this blog. Id rather be putting things here.

I’m very much a solitary person so for me to actually open up and start posting things was really fun and I miss that feeling. So I think im going to start typing again.

I missed it.

I know not to many people read this thing, well actually I guess people do read this thing since they used it against me, I don’t think they meant to they were probably frustrated as I was.

Ohhh well life goes on.

So posts will come…

I’m glad to be back writing.


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