dodging low trees

thats what you are trying to do when you are riding your bike on the sidewalk.

tonight i had a awesome night. As you might already know i love riding a bike more than i do driving a car yes a car has its benefits especially when it is a nice car and you hit a 110 miles a hour there is nothing like it.

but bikes, i love bikes, i love riding. nothing like feeling a simple machine beneath you using your body and strength to move it. i don’t think there is nothing like seeing that front tire in front of you.

its fun.

i would gladly give up my environment destroying vehicle for a nice bike. i love how in Europe it is more acceptable to have a bike more than a car. there is just a freedom that comes from riding a bike. Alot of people think its uncool or weird to be riding a bike this day and age. but i don’t, its more healthier and is just fun.

which brings me to my story i don’t ride my bike as much as i should, I’m lucky if i ride it once or twice a week. i always feel like i neglect my bike if i don’t ride it. some people don’t believe i used to ride my bike everywhere in college i didn’t have a car so it was my skateboard and bike. i used to ride 15 minutes to school then do whatever i needed on my bike get movies groceries whatever. well my bike ended up getting stolen so i went without for along time.

well me and Talia bought beach cruisers some time ago. when Talia got pregnant hers went to her mothers and mine stayed cause i was the only one who could ride Talia being pregnant and all.

i have been trying to work up enough endurance to see if i could start riding to work cause im tired of driving i work 6 miles away and the route is not hard at all not to much traffic and believe me traffic can be a mess especially here in town. well i have been doing little bike rides to see how far i can go 2 miles 3 miles 4 miles then 5 miles…just riding wherever i feel like going i just let my legs take me wherever they feel like going.

well tonight i decided to go on my bike ride and i rode 8.7 mile not to far. but the thing that really made me laugh about it was i happened to come upon this other bike rider as he left a 7 eleven, he was a kid about 15, 16 something like that, and way skinner than me he was riding a ten speed bike well i come up on him, he is on the sidewalk and I’m on the bike lane i come up on him and say whats up and he looks me over up and down surprised to see me and passing him. so I’m just peddling down the rode and i hear his chain start to speed up and he passes me and looks over his shoulder to make sure he passed me well me being adventurous i say to myself lets see if i can keep up, so i speed up and start going faster he keeps looking at me behind him I’m probably about 10 or 15 feet behind him and actually keeping pace with him on a beach cruiser…
this kept up for a couple of streets until he turned on a side street and one more glance over his shoulder he rode off. It made me laugh and amazed at myself after about 4 miles and thirsty i am able to keep up with this kid and actually keep pace with him, and on a beach cruiser.
it made my night…

then farther on down the rode i come upon one of those signs that registers your speed and it actually clocked me at 12 miles a hour…

i just thought it was funny that it actually got me going on my bike…

on a side note its kinda scary knowing your so close to a car you can reach out and touch it if you want…

rad times…


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