new photos

its been awhile since i actually posted a photo blog alot of the shots have turned to family shots well mostly of Chloe not that i mind. but there other things i find out there worth shooting. it just takes time to actually find and then to develop film.

so here we go.

babe sitting in the window one of the street photographers rules is dont shoot pics of cats but i thought she looked cool laying there ignoring me and not looking at the camera all mean like she usually does.

and then there are famous movie stars that show up in my rolls! of film!
people might not know who adam beach is but natives sure do..he is also known to natives as Victor and more recently Ira Hayes. maybe i might become one of those famous people that shoot stars…who knows.

here he is leaving the rezervation he was at the boys and girls clubs in west end…just saying hi…

he gave me a shot after i called his name…

we cant have a photo blog without talia and Chloe and my mother in law.
i love this shot. i wish talias mom was better in the frame.

going back to lunch he looked at me mean when he walked by me. he was emptying trash and it was hot and humid i thought it was pretty bad wearing that jumper.

elderly shooting the breeze at the hospital.

the drive in we watched hairspray

asleep facing the sun on a bus stop about 112 in the summer…
poor guy. shooting from the car window.

damn people throw your Mcdonald’s away…this was in the babies r us parking lot.

paying the water bill.
its funny to me when older woman try to look hot, i guess i shouldn’t really care since guys do the same thing but she had lots of makeup on…

this is “chandler the dog” he lives across the way…sometimes he gets lonely being home alone
and he looks out the window…

sometimes i have to go work in the tribal building and this is what we do when we get bored we play go fish.

another pic of talia and her mom this time giving Chloe a bath.

sometimes i come home and see them both worn out on the couch

kid sitting ouside of walmart i wonder if he was bored or mad he heard the shutter at the last second.

Talia and Chloe shopping the clearance section.

and finally a family holding hands as i was backing up.
i just thought it was cool.

there will be more to follow later….

see you all on the flip side.


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