the last of all the rolls. 2 days of scanned photos. 80 something all together. not all are here but i did scan 80 something. this last roll i shot with my other camera my good one. i have dropped this camera twice and even dented the side and it still performs beautifully. gotta love the ruggedness of that camera my gangster canonet!

these all are family shots taken out at my grandmothers. she had the whole family over for my dads birthday, every year she has a rosary for him.

this time it was my families first time meeting Chloe. they really don’t venture of the reservation much, so usually we have to go down and see them which is hard at times even though they live in Sacaton.

the reservation is home to some of the worst taggers out there. and some of the most abandoned homes and trailers too.

my grandmother she came out dark for some odd reason i don’t think i metered right…ohhh side note I’m in love with this film fuji neopan 400 is god! i love love this film it is just so crisp.

Great great grandmother and my great aunt Maxine. my great great grandma is very capable of doing things for herself even in her 80’s

the backyard shot.

Stuart i always take his picture cause he hates getting it taken.

Paco my grandmas dog he is a fat little guy, he has lost weight though, he could hardly walk before and he breathed really hard all the time. just like a pima dog.

see look at his slim body…well kinda slim…

grandma holding Chloe for the first time.
this woman has been waiting along time for me to have a kiddo and finally she got one from me.

Reese and his smile again.

some stray cat. guy was skinny.
i dont think it was my grandmas.

i just thought it looked cool.

Reese and his disposable camera need to teach him how to use a real camera when he gets older.

grandma doing the rosary she is always sitting there every year she always sits right there. all the grand kids and family are always spread out all over the house
but she is always right up front

still doing the rosary this time holding her dog.

Maxine doing the rosary also.

Great great grandma and Talia

Kaydence Stuarts daughter

dads little area for the rosary.

first time great great grandmother holding Chloe.

after the rosary the pima’s eat! thats why we are all so big. tacos, beans, grandmas famous potato salad, chicken, and other stuff.

grandma holding chloe again.

great great grandma, I’m glad I’m able to take pictures of her before she passes on, i can talk like this beacuse I’m sure she still has some years left in her since she is pretty feisty.

she yells at people when they try and help her around the house and tell her to eat. only problem is she cant hear all that good so you gotta yell at her.

she was up at 4 that morning cooking chili stew. and she was telling me and Talia her story about that morning and wanting to take a nap but she didn’t get too…

see look she is tired.
i think i need t flip this frame over…she is on the left now…

she was also telling me that Stuart didn’t like her, then i called Stuart over and asked him if he liked great great grandma and he said yeah of course and gave her a kiss and hug i think she was happy to be with him.

On a side note Stuart sure did like her chili stew as well as other food that night. he called me the next day and said he went home and ended up throwing it all up…
he said he felt so awful he slept and he totally hurt himself.

i just read this to talia and she is now craving chili stew…

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