photo blog 2

So here we are again another roll of film well actually like 2 combined together. As i said in a earlier post this camera was crap alot of images came out weird blurry, under and overexposed. all i did to them was adjust the brightness and contrast in these. nothing else.

one day at work i walked outside and it was bright and cloudy so i stopped and took a photo of the clouds, they just looked so cool all billowing in the sky. there is also a piece of the building in the shot. i dont know how it got there the frame was lying to me. clouds look beautiful in black and white just something about the grain and the pure white in the film.

A half dead balloon in walmart most of my street shooting comes from walmart these days.
the balloon kept going up and down the aisle.

talia and chloe shopping. i think this went with one of those other shots in the last roll.

we went and learned how to hit golf balls i never have done that before and i liked it some. i dont know if i would do it again but it was fun. and to my amazement i did really good.

i dont know why this scanned weird but i thought it was funny that i could use the word damn in scrabble.

she always seems to make this face when pictures are taken of her.she might be getting tired of dad sticking a camera in her face. i dont know

dads grave by moms house.

Stuart chopping wood. or at least trying

i love how these photos show people doing something like Stuart above chopping wood then it goes to someone pushing mail.

and all that work for ice cream
shooting from my car while i was driving. sorry about the crooked shot.

funny how much people can spend on makeup and apply it like 100 times a day…always looking in a mirror.

then sometimes you get people looking at you all crazy like this one.
poor mom never takes good pictures.

these 2 always try and pose for pictures. they take pretty decent photos. Reese always puts on a fake smile but it works.

it was 113 degrees that day. i actually drove home with he AC on. i usually don’t cause im cheap when it comes to gas even in the 100 degree weather i drive with the windows down people look at me all crazy too.

then finally a self portrait with Chloe talia and her mom.


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