im tired

and i think i earned it.
today i started what i hope is a daily thing, i rode my bike to work almost 7 miles one way. i know it aint much but I’m proud of myself mostly beacuse i hate driving.
yes my legs are pretty sore but it feels good. i left the apartment about 6:30 this morning thinking it would take alot of time for me to get there it took about 45 minutes so it wasn’t that bad. i arrived at work about 7:15 so i was a little early.

but i got right to work working on design stuff, the day was a little long but it was nice. all i got to do is jump back on tomorrow morning. im hoping to continue with this as much as i can. i know i wont be able to do it every day but its a start. im going to try the rest of this week, we will see what happens.

and another plus to leaving early is there was no one on the road it was so quite and nice just to have the road to myself. the ride home was a little bit more busier, didn’t get hit so thats a plus. there was a mini van mom that wasn’t paying attention but it wasn’t so bad she stopped. its funny i felt i had to keep my guard up more in the neighborhoods more so than the actual road.

but honestly people really need to slow down, its not a race out there. i mean I’m going down a road with no bike lane and cars are speeding by me like at 30 miles a hour sometimes even faster, and to make it even worse they wont even go into the other lane even though it is open.
its just crazy how much our society relies on cars and big ass trucks for survival.


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