The natives unleashed

for a select few it is Native American day, and so some Natives are enjoying the day sitting around the home or actually going out into the world. i love these unsanctioned holidays the tribe gives, mostly because i know all the natives are free to roam the lands again and everyone else is stuck in work. its kinda cool. you can go the the movies and just hang out or go the mall or just drive anywhere and you aint flooded by so many people.

i love how for a moment the world keeps going and for a instant you are just able to see everyone else continue in there lives. not that i don’t feel bad i really do, Americans work to hard. but there is something about going downtown and just seeing people running around and you just being able to take it all in.

on another note i didn’t get to ride to work Wednesday i was to tired and woke up late i did ride Thursday but had to have talia and chloe come and get me there was this big storm that came out of nowhere and left me stranded at work. its also funny cause i pass a school and i think its cool when all the other kids are looking your bike up and down even adults too as they drive by in there cars and suv’s.


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