random musings for a Saturday

its been some time since i posted anything about a full week. i have been super busy and tired, i have am still riding my bike and enjoying it very much, haven’t had any run ins with cars so thats a good thing. i rode 3 times this week totaling 36 miles all week, it amazes me some people do that in a day…
30 miles to work and home again. thats crazy…
life is continuing like always, Chloe had her 4 month shots the other day Thursday she had a slight fever yesterday but other than that she is fine. we are starting to go out even more now that the weather is perfect.

i hate when i type on blogger sometimes it lags…
silly blogger

in other news i haven’t really been shooting much cause i have been busy with design work not that i mind I’m actually been getting work done.

thats a good thing mind you.

im listening to this crappy trance mix cd i made along time ago, me mixing records and Talia was laughing saying i was playing my records way to fast…

i told her i only had 45 minutes to record so i did them fast.

a mix that will never leave my possession,

to crappy to even let Stuart hear it.
now im listening to one of my first mixes i ever made…not as crappy but i went crazy with the flanger and i didn’t watch my levels…

no now on to some shots taken with the little super shine camera….
all plastic massive light leaks fun stuff! these where shot on Walgreens 400 film, at about f11 or something at least thats what it looks like…

here we go…
i really like this photo the best of the roll i think, just a simple tree.

Clarice my coworker.

random shots of lights.
had to crop it some beacuse the camera didnt advance right and they cut it weird.

if you look close you can read the door

balloons, i thought this one would turn out alright.

i dont know why i shot this one.

these towers by home.

i liked the ad.




Raffy Roy

riding home

my basket

me again

thats it from this roll. i love this little crappy camera. gives me fun pictures…
wish it was a little sharper but what do you expect out of a plastic camera with plastic lens.

well see you all later time for a shower and pizza!


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