day in the park

i love days where you can throw out a blanket in the park and shoot rolls of film.

its so different to actually go and sit in a park with your child yea me and talia would go just to hang out and play or take a walk but to actually take your child and just to sit and enjoy the day its a awesome feeling.

some of these photos are from when we went to moms house and cooked out…another fun and awesome evening we spent with my mother, i remember this was when the weather was in the low 80s a couple of weeks ago.

Chloe while talia holds her

Talia sleeping on the blanket love how Raffy Roy is looking right at me

clouds and trees

even Chris came over for the day

talia and chloe from another park adventure in downtown phoenix

my sister at my moms house

Stuart and Chloe

me Terri took this.

these where all shot on that little crappy sunshine camera…
on kodak Gold 200 film.


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