bored and at home

so im sitting here by myself, everyone has decided to take a nap its actually time for them to get up chloe needs to eat.

well i get bored sometimes, i went for a bike ride and decided to see how many miles i rode, i rode about 3.8 miles actually not bad and a 2 mile walk this morning.

anyways i start looking on gmaps at the satellite photos…

so i looked for my moms house…

kinda cool you can see it from up in the air.
there is my old car by the side of the house on the left RIP old 87 nissan stanza.

and i decided to look at the land my mother has given me to build a home on all 10 acres of it.
i think this is all of it i tried highlighting the area…
the house would be near the left somewhere…
there is a little house to the south of it actually its a little shack that no one lives in. they said if someone tried to move on that area they cant because it literally is on the border of my land…

other than that i just thought gmaps is cool…


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