a pedaling fool

thats what talia calls me.


I didn’t ride my usual miles last week as I was tired and the weather was kind of weird. Well I rode in today and everything seemed ok. Though i could tell I was a little sore thanx to not riding those days last week. It was also a little cold this morning, only going to get colder.

I almost forgot it was Columbus Day today its kind of cool the crossing guards at the middle school are getting to know me, there is this one lady she rides a beach cruiser too she yells good morning to me and this other guy nods his head at me.

As for the weekend it was fun. Saturday was spent at home and Sunday was spent at a farm. My mother wanted to take my little nephew, niece and daughter to schnepf farms, they have all kinds of cool stuff going on there food, a pumpkin patch, rides all kinds of stuff. After a little mix up and my mom going to the wrong place to eat we met them at the farm. They walked around rode some rides and we also got to traumatize my little niece by letting her ride a rollercoaster, she started to cry. But I think she will survive.

Talia and me are going to have to go back out there.

Thanks Angie for venturing out with us too…

Had fun spending time with you.

Well we ate a lot and just had fun spending time with the kids.

I took pictures with my Olympus xa-2 which I will develop this weekend.


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