Its funny how some people will do anything for love such as people willing to just spend the day with each other just to feel each others closeness and other people need to go eat at expensive restaurant’s and need 2 carat rings for someone to show there love…

It’s crazy how some people require those things from a marriage or just a relationship in general. When me and Talia were together we spent the whole day together just hanging out, we would survive off of 20 dollars and that would be it. Sometimes we ate pizza in a parking lot or in a park all just to be with each other.

Some people I know just don’t feel that way, I had a conversation the other day and the person was saying they didn’t eat at cheap places ie. Fast food places or anything not nice when they went out on a date. They expect some place nice like the olive garden, every single time they go out or something similar.

And the person they said when they get married they expect at least a 2 carat ring.

That’s just crazy to me someone can be so caught up in possessions that they need that to have love expressed to them.

I don’t get it.


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