In rainbows

i got the new download…

i honestly cant believe that they are offering the album up on there website and you choose how much to pay. i think thats a awesome idea its such a radical thing for a band to do. they are not signed to a label so they can do what they want with there music. i love it!

i chose to pay only 2.96… I’m poor and really couldn’t afford to pay so much.

they are also releasing a box set, the box set just sounds completely awesome it comes with the in rainbows CD, a bonus CD from the recording sessions, a vinyl edition of in rainbows contained in two vinyl records, and a hardcover booklet it just sounds so beautiful. the photos look awesome. the download comes with it and at 80 bucks i figure i didnt want to pay double for the music. so it seemed fair to me.

i don’t know
i may be wrong and just plain cheap.
i wonder how much this will change the way music is released. i have never bought music online because i love cd’ s, i love records. the main reason is i love the art. i am kinda upset with myself that i actually paid for music online. but i honestly couldn’t wait. i hope that many people order the record set and that it shows there is a need for cd’s, vinyl, and the art. another thing why i buy cd’ s and vinyl is because i do not like having all my music on a machine that can fail. i love the feeling of knowing i can go buy a cd or a piece of vinyl that will take up more space in my 1 bedroom apartment. there is nothing like it. so if you decided to buy the music online buy the original on cd or vinyl.

as for a review of the music let me listen to it awhile and ill tell you what i think. i love making a cd and throwing on headphones or driving in the car while listening to it in the real world. i think thats the only way to do it honestly.

so i hope you venture over and buy the music…


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