i thought i was going to die

Im very much a lover of nature, but most of the time I’m content riding my bike around town. our friend Angie asked anyone if they wanted to go hiking in Payson at the Horton Creek Trail well me and Talia decided to go as well as our other friend Talia P and her son Andrew. well the drive was pretty fun nice and cool. though we were a little tired from having to wake up so early.

but we arrived at the campground and gathered all our stuff for the hike.
at first the hike was nice and smooth but later on we were faced with long uphill parts with huge Rocks. we started our hike at about 10 am and got about half way when we decided to eat some lunch and take a breather. i must say that the weather was beautiful and the foliage was breathtaking lots of vibrant reds and yellows, weather is coming and you could tell. after lunch Talia P was tired from staying up late and Andrew was done for the day and Talia didn’t really want to be tired when we got home so they decided to go back. on the other hand me and Angie decided to venture on we wanted to get to the top of the mountain.

we continued on only to reach lots of rocks and very steep uphill climbs now we were really hiking. i could feel the climb start to take my body, my lungs and legs were feeling the climb to the point i started to mumble and had to stop every 20 feet because i was getting tired.
as i was nearly dying Angie was a good buddy she kept asking if i was ok and if i wanted to go on. i told her yes i wasn’t about to let nature beat me. Despite having to take a break every 20 feet, we met some people coming down and telling us keep going your almost there its right around the corner so that raised our spirits a bit and gave us the last bit of energy we needed to get up to the spring. once at the spring we sat enjoyed the smells and drank the water. it was so cold and refreshing.

we stayed up there for about 30 minutes to catch our breath and relax a bit then we started our walk back down it was fast but tiring i think at this point we just wanted down from the mountain. The rocks also were taking there toll on my ankles. (note) do not wear regular shoes for hiking.
cause my ankles and heel of my feet could feel every single little rocks especially when they hit just right i could feel the pain in my hands.

we finally made it down and took of my shoes and it felt so good to put the dirt inbetween my toes and feel the dirt on my feet. we then decided it was time to head back to town but not first a bite to eat.

afterwards we felt we needed and deserved something good to eat so we hit up the local pizza hut. i love Payson’s pizza hut its in the shape of the old school ones so it totally is fun to sit inside and eat.

this trip was so worth it it was so fun and tiring. would i do it again
it rocked.
Angie rocked for asking us to go!
now all i have to deal with is the soreness from the trip.


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