going out for lunch

Today we had lunch with this man named buddy Lewis. Buddy Lewis has written a book about a fictional Native American sent to war and then trying to return to the normalcy of reservation life. We have met with the man twice. The first time we didn’t talk much my boss did most of the talking. Well today we had to go back to take some photos of him for a program we are putting together.

I didn’t like the digital photos now that I am looking at them they suck the flash on oour camera is awful we need a different one.

Everything about that camera is awful.

Hopefully my pics turn out well the ones with the Yashica,,

Well my coworkers and me took him out to lunch today and well I had the chance to sit by him and talk to him. About his time in the navy doing aerial photography and other jobs. Well there came a point in the conversation where one of my coworkers asked if he goes and hangs out with the elders in the community he just shook his head and said not really.

Then I say “you seem the type of fellow that really does his own thing and likes being alone”. He snaps his fingers and says “there you go” and says “you hit it right on the head”. I find that funny that you can tell the type right away especially when you are the same type. He also doesn’t like to go to different restaurants, he goes to this restaurant in laveen all the time called kays kafe. Also frequents Denny’s.

You could tell he is a creature of habit goes to the same places, does what he wants.

I felt bad for him the girls wanted to go someplace different but im sure deep down he wanted to go to his other restaurant, you can tell he feels at home there.

Instead he ended up at Applebee’s.

But he did get his shrimp.

But I think the squealing of girl’s kind of got to him. I’m used to it but he wasn’t you could tell.

For some odd reason I really like talking to him.
he really is a nice guy.

pictures did not turn out the best
might have to go back rangefinder was off so i think that has something to do with the images. and it was way to bright for images…
wish it was kinda cloudy for the best light.

but this is what i got…

and my coworker Clarice she is always willing to have a photo taken i like that about her.

another one.


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