so for some odd reason

im really into it this year

it may be because i have someone to actually do things for,

this year we are having a party for the kids we know. im excited i know it is only a kid party, but even just eating pizza and taking the kids out trick or treating just sounds like so much fun…

i hope all the kids can make it…

ill be disappointed if they cant…

this party is going to rock ill have to post pictures when i get the chance…

i would have liked to use the holga but im thinking i probally wont be able to do it…

but its going to rock!

im charlie brown this year thanx to talia making me a shirt…

im just hoping this turns into something more…maybe next year a party with all our friends who knows…

i hope you all are safe dont forget to wear your glowsticks and reflective clothing while your out there trick or treating…!!!!


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