Its tea time

so lately i have been on this tea kick. I don’t know why honestly.

well actually when i think about it im tired of coffee and it just seems to really hit the spot.
instead of evil starbucks coffee i have now switched to tea its cheaper and has been very kind to my wallet.
its nice to sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea with my wife also.

she made us this tea last night that totally made me tired…

Im also addicted to listening to radiohead and sigur ros right now.
work today was pretty slow and tiring even though we didnt do much my boss took me and my other coworker to breakfast so that was nice i can never deviate from my usual eggs toast ham and hashbrowns…
i look and spend time lokking the menu over and nothing it never changes…

Im also going to be doing some side work so Im pretty excited to be working on side projects again. cant say to much now about it but when i get more info ill post more.

well i hope all is fine and ill be having photos posted sometime this week…
i found a program to help me out so im excited…

currently listening to radiohead-let down


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