shots with my holga

so i got alot of new film and negs…
i had the holga sitting around with film still left in it i guess i used it at the pool and then i took it out for Halloween, i had to ghetto rig a flash i had i used alot of masking tape to hold it on…

so these are the resulting shots i don’t have photoshop to really do any real cropping or resizing. so i used the scanner to scan in at 150 dpi and then straightened and cropped…

reese swimming

terri and reese

reese jumping in the pool he needs to learn how to swim so he dont need those things on his arms.

the girl of my dreams

stuart always to cool for school

the Halloween trick-or-treater’s

Ghost Rider

kids at the haunted house

me as charlie brown

the chainsaw guy at the haunted house he runs out the last second inside the haunted house and chases you with a chainsaw, pretty scary for the young kids and adults too especially if you are named Talia… someone sprayed him with silly string and this is the point where resse freaked out.

last shot of Talia spot light on you!


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