young folks learning the hard way

today was a good day…

just like ice cube says.

today actually was pretty good, well mostly anyways, im still mad at the commercialization over the whole holiday. i mean even before thanksgiving is over we have christmas decorations all over the place. its kinda annoying, yes christmas is awesome but why do we need to be reminded that we need to buy as much as we can.  every time i think of christmas and the crazy buying people i always think of a charlie brown christmas and it always seems to set me straight again and make me really think about the whole holiday and why we celebrate it.

i hope chloe grows up to think of this holiday more as a celebration of life, thanksgiving for all that we are blessed with, more than just gifts and gifts. 

well now that my rant is over ill tell you about my day talia woke me up so she could go buy some clothes at carters the baby store. so i watched chloe this morning. i fed her played with her and layed with her on the floor. honestly it felt so nice just to be home for once i told talia it seems like forever since i have been home i felt like cleaning and organizing i dont think i got to much of that done but i did enjoy it. so as the day progressed we went to have lunch at Talia’s moms house. 


so after lunch me and talia decided to go wash the car and when we got to the dryer it wasn’t even blowing very strongly so we just left. good thing it was free. well with no change for the dryer down the rode we came home real quick left again and went and had a trip to zia records its been awhile since we had been there so we spent some time in the store shopping for us…
kinda sad but man it’s been forever we bought a cd we found some old records and a couple of cds. i bought the new sigur ros cd talia got a newsboys cd and i found the dopest records the Muppets Movie soundtrack and a couple of old Dr Suess read along book records a very cool find i think. i live for moments like that when you are looking for vinyl and you come across those fun and rare finds… there is nothing like digging the crates for records. 

this evening we took Angie out for dinner since we missed her birthday and Darrell too…
thats always nice to have dinner with friends and to top it all of it was mexican food!
at ponchos!

well so i need to tell you all of this story it seems. well on the way home Chloe decides she is done for the day to the point where she is going to cry because she is tired and cranky and she cant fall asleep. she cried for 15 minutes until we reached Angie’s place and fed her there. she also go to meet maggie Angie’s dog which was awesome maggie is a kind and gentle dog and loves babies, so she was happy to meet chloe finally. 

well ok so this is the part where i have to kick myself in the booty and embarrass myself. it needs to be told…

well there is one thing that makes chloe completely stop crying. it used to be water, the faucet used to stop her then she learned what we were doing and that didn’t work no more, then it switched to the vacuum cleaner and now that just freaks her out. well now it has moved to only one thing and it is the weirdest and funniest thing i think. there is this song called young folks by peter bjorn and john. and everytime that thing starts she stops crying sits through the whole thing and doesnt cry, there has been times where we have had to play that song over and over again and it works…

well earlier when me and talia were in zia’s i said we should get that cd so i happened to grab the sigur ros cd at the same time and i hung on to them until we needed to check out. then right before we checked out Talia holds up the cd’s and says choose one. i looked back and forth and i told Talia you decide and then she says to me you choose so in a moment i go ok ill choose the sigur ros cd and we put back the peter bjorn and john cd. that was one of the worse decisions i have made in along time…
and all i could think of on the way home was you stupid stupid fool!
moral of the story always trust your gut…

i learned my lesson ill tell you that much. 



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