last night i had the actual chance to sit down and watch transformers. I know!

 dont be mad at me i have a baby now and it is hard just trying to sit through a movie at home. and its hard when your wife really doesn’t want to go watch it with me in the movie theater.
honestly i thought i t was going to be really awful but man was i surprised!
it was different than the cartoon but it was good i loved how they kept Optimus Primes voice the same Peter Cullen really did a awesome job. starscream rocked! i have always had this affection for starscream since he was my first transformer. 
i don’t know if i should admit that the movie actually made me cry, it was so cool to see Optimus on the screen and when i first heard the changing from machine to robot it was so rad…
we all grew up knowing and hearing that sound and to hear it yeah it was a little different but it rocked!
i didn’t have no complaints. 
so to those that told me it was good i thought so too…

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