freelance work

there was a time i would have loved it, but i have come to the point where i don’t really care for it. its money, sure but when it comes down to it, its alot of work.  sometimes to much work.  i used to do alot of freelance stuff but grew tired of it. 

i used to go to work 8 to 5 come home jump right in front of the computer and work till 2 or 3 in the morning get up at 6 and do it all over again. 

that used to be my life.

but now it has all changed. 

i don’t know why it changed, i just grew tired of it. 
i probably didn’t do myself any favors when i decided to stop doing freelance, my body was trained to do it. 

but like i said its different now. right now Im doing a job for someone it is requiring alot of work at the office mostly because i don’t have design programs here at home since i moved to a mac. 

so im stuck at work again i took a week off and now Im back… man honestly it feels like i live there. 

well a couple of months ago i made the comment to talia that i didn’t feel like a good father because i wasn’t able to put Chloe to sleep. i honestly felt so useless. 
well tonight i worked till 9:30 and received a phone call from talia asking me when am i going to come home.  I came home and talia tells me that she tried to put chloe to bed and chloe just wouldn’t go to sleep.  so i come home and i lay in bed for 10 minutes kissing chloe’s face and chloe falls asleep right between me and her mom. for the last month or two i have been the one to put chloe to sleep  i tell talia go get something to eat and ill put her to bed. so i ended up putting her down and making my daughter smile before she went to bed. 

thats all that matters to me honestly not the money or the work. 
not as much anymore 

Im just happy seeing that piece of art me and talia created. 
Im content making my daughter laugh and giggle every day.