paperback writer

so last night Chloe and Talia were very restless and couldn’t sleep I don’t think I got to bed till 3 this morning, and I’m sure that Talia was even up later or I should say earlier.

Talia was upset and thinking about Chloe how much she has grown in the last 6 months.
It seems like everytime we turn around she is becoming more aware of the world around her.
Talia was thinking about Chloe’s baby book and how we have neglected to update it with pictures. She was really upset about this. I began to tell her to keep up with the blog or if she doesn’t want to do that write about it, write her feelings down.

I told her Talia you have always been a writer, and yes we have missed so many of those family portraits and nice little family setups but everytime I think of you I think of you writing, writing what is in your heart. Talia has always been a writer, she has always been one to express things on paper. not like me, I’m a visual person I need to see things layed out, explained.
I guess thats why I could never picture her with a camera or painting or drawing yes she has tried those mediums of expressing herself, but they always seemed to take a back seat to her pen and paper, I chose the title of this blog because everytime I think of this song I think of her.

honestly though I know she has so much to deal with throughout her day as a mother and just keeping the home in order as well as keeping chloe occupied is hard enough. Im sure the last thing she really wants to do is sit down and write about it.

but I hope that she doesn’t think that I’m saying anything mean about her I’m actually telling you the things I love about her, the things that made me fall in love with her the first time we ever talked together. Im hoping she reads this and understands that I am and always well be in love with her no matter what. and im sure Chloe will too no matter if she does or doesn’t finish the baby book or have all the squares filled in with pictures.


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