no juice left

I have been trying to come with ideas for our 2008 directory and nothing
seems to flourish.

I honestly don’t know what is happening.
The creative juices are just not flowing I don’t know maybe I spent it all
on Russell moore. It’s a sad thing when you cannot create something, when
everything looks bad to you and you move things around but nothing happens.
Its like being stuck in the mud and you are not able to move.

I don’t know maybe something will come.
I keep trying to get away from my computer and sit in front of paper and
pencil im drawing and have some ideas coming out but not much.

Its like a dam all clogged.

What I think I need is a break from the desk and the office just a time
where I go by myself and draw and throw ideas out on paper.
Its been some time since I actually did that.
Sat and drew.

I miss those times of just sitting alone and drawing, I always would go and
do that when I was in school still awake at 12 in the morning I would walk
to the dennys by my apartment and order coffee and sketch as much as I could
anything and everything I could.

Now im confined to a office, surrounded by four walls and a computer.
I love doing art but sometimes I feel like I should do something else that
will give me the chance to concentrate on my personal work.
I miss the lab and doing that type of work. It always makes me think about
actually leaving design for something else who knows.

Im good at what I do but sometimes I get so burned out on making images its
feels as though you make the same stuff over and over again.
It becomes uninspiring and very, very impersonal. It feels as though you are
churning things out just to pass the time. Just to get something out there.

I don’t know maybe this is just me. Maybe its just me being a perfectionist
again. Not wanting to show something half assed.
My father always told me don’t be doing anything half assed.
I think sometimes I took that way to much to heart.

At least I guess im not to stubborn as this guy.

people are crazy.
Design and craziness they all seem to fall into the same spectrum.


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