electric sex

our apartment smells like christmas trees and something stinky. our dishwater collects water for some odd reason i don’t know if all dishwashers are supposed to do this but it seems it collected and when we saw and smelled it it stank so we ran it and it leaked…

now our apartment is stinky we need some lemons to throw in the garbage disposal to kill the smell…
im ready for the weekend and talia seems to be making me a grilled cheese sandwich finally getting around to eating something. 
so a weird thing happened today.
so i was reading on the forums about this guy in tempe that bought a Leica MP-4 and if you remember me talking about saving for one turns out that was the one he bought.
he bought it in may turns out it was his first Leica also. 
we both were smitten by the same camera only thing he gets the camera. 
thought it was kinda cool. 
one Day ill own a Leica maybe 2 maybe 3…
yea three.
m3, m6, mp
and just a couple of 50 mm lenses and maybe a 35. 
then  i would be happy.
i ate my grilled cheese sandwich talia makes good grilled cheese sandwiches
i should have took a photo but alas no film to spare last roll of b/w in the camera. 
till next week.
i happened upon this blog also. 
i was doing some smallville research and i always liked this girl from that show. 
and happened upon her web-page 
thought it was kinda cool.
she’s cute.
well im done for the night i think im supposed to be watching this movie about electric sex or something…
he-he-he i hope you get it…
if you do you win 10 bucks!
see you all later.

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