american apparel

you know i really dont spend alot of money on clothes i would honestly spend the money on film, or other things that are more important to me. 

hell i still buy my jeans at walmart im cheap. 
i cringe if i spend more than 5 dollars on lunch. 
i think mark rothko had the same kinda outlook on lunch if im not mistaken. 
well anyways which brings me to my point of this blog. 
i love american apparel tshirts. if you look they are at least 15 bucks for a a single tshirt. 
its crazy i know.
but i think for years i have always loved the feel of the shirts.
who cant love 100 percent cotton on there backs.
i need to buy some more when i get the chance. 
so anways im wearing one right now and i forgot how much i love them!

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