so far this week

so im officially on vacation as of 12:30 friday.

i took time off up until the 31st so im happy. 
i have jury duty on the 26 but im hoping that they cancel it. 
this week has been pretty crazy trying to finish deadlines and having to help Talia even more so. 
she has a really bad sinus infection all week. luckily her mom was home to help take care of Chloe. 
so this morning and yesterday i spent the day with Chloe while Talia slept. I love this mornings with that little girl. 
most of the time we are lazy and lay around i always have intentions of feeding her at 7 in the morning then getting her dressed and going for a cup of coffee but alas that never seems to be the case. im already thinking to the time that when she is older ill say come on Chloe grab your jacket lets go get some breakfast together just me and you. i cant wait for those moments. 
its weird seeing your child grow before your eyes its beautiful and inspiring to see the smile cross her face as she first sees you looking into her bed every morning. 
man im in love with arvo part i really need to buy some of his cd’s im almost tempted to buy it on itunes… i think ill wait to buy a cd. i hate downloading music.  i dont believe in it. 
so anyways tomorrow is christmas eve and i hope you all are well and have a beautiful christmas. 

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