Trent Reznor and Saul Williams

So i really didnt hear about this until i was reading a article on a technology site. Well from what i was reading they went the radiohead route and released it online and you pay how much you think it is worth up to 5 bucks.

free or 5 bucks.

yes i paid the 5 bucks for it.

im not sure how i feel about this whole releasing it online i love the idea of releasing it and you choosing how much you want for it. it makes you feel like a fan when you pay for it. but what it comes down to is are you willing to support the artist.

i personally always try to support the artist a bit even if i cant pay alot of money.

but on the other hand you are getting digital files they are compressed and are not always full quality files. most people get there music online these days. Why because it is easier and sure it saves on clutter but im not one for buying music online. i personally like knowing i have a original, i like having the cd so i can do what i want with it.

what happens if my computer dies? so does my music.

yes i have opted to buy these albums the radiohead and saul williams album but am i willing to pay full price for a digital file i dont think so.

the only thing im willing to pay for is a cd or some vinyl.

so i guess the whole point of this post is do i really like the idea of paying for digital files?
not really, i can see wanting to support the artist but having to pay online for files i dont like. i can see how this helps for small artists that want to release a record but there needs to be a way that will satisfy the needs of those that want the actual cd or vinyl. such as myself.

these are just my random thoughts on digital files.


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