im sick

so im sick but im actually doing alright last night was pretty bad i barely could eat dinner.

i slept pretty good, talia gave me some daytime Tylenol cold and cough then i got tired.
i hate how they say that it is daytime medicine but it still makes you feel tired and barely able to move. i didn’t think i was going to be coming into work and i thought that if i did i was going to be able to sit at my desk and work there. but my boss calls me and tells me that she needs me to go out and setup for our district days. and then to top it off i had to there was a accident so i had to come the long way around, im driving half drowsy trying to talk to my coworker to stay awake.

stopped at starbucks for some tea and orange juice.
im feeling better now.

so im going to try and post some photos tonight, im going to scan some stuff to post.
its been awhile since i actually scanned something. the program is alriht but i miss my old one it was easier. but this one i hear is alot better. i just have to get into a work flow.
i need to also get away and start designing a logo for this other company for work.
im not to happy with the name, i honestly have no ideas on the logo, i have been sitting around throwing ideas to talia and they all seem to be unproductive. everything in the sketchbooks is not really coming into anything. i hope im better this weekend so that i can go to the coffee shop and maybe draw a little bit. i need to just sit and draw.

tea tastes good nice and strong, and nice on the throat.

what im really wanting is a nice little nap.
that would make me feel a little better.

why does everyone have to wear a 11 1/2 shoe. i mean come on…
as you can tell im tracking down shoes.
or at least trying to.
i think i found the pair i want.

well im back went to get some lunch i settled for subway, a 12 inch roast beef, swiss cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of pickles on honey wheat bread.

well going to play in photoshop…


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