waiting to turn 28

so in a couple more weeks i will be 28 years old, i honestly dont know what to think about that. 

honestly im not to concerned about it. though i am looking forward to my free burger at red robin. that always seems to make the day awesome. 

hopefully things will not be bad that week. 

its not like i try to make my birthday into a somber day it just always turns out that way 
for some odd reason. but to be honest this year im extra excited, this will be the first year that chloe will be able to celebrate it with me. we will be able to go out together me talia and chloe im super excited. those are two reasons to look forward to it. 

but im also not really sure what to do about my birthday, i have no idea on how to celebrate it. it seems like such a task to actually try to plan anything. i dont think we are really going to do anything. 

well its almost 1 in the morning and im tired and im sick, i seem to have caught a cold in the last day or so. i have a very sore throat and a slight cough so hopefully it will leave soon and i can go to work tomorrow, i really dont want to stay home. 

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