watching commercials

Im addicted to this show on channel 51…i got regular tv no cable so there isnt much to watch and well to be honest we dont watch alot of tv anyways. But i currently have been watching a show called firebrand basically all it runs is commercials one after another.My coworkers always say i watch the weirdest stuff or i pay attention to the weirdest stuff. anyways, i mostly watch commercials from a design perspective. trying to approach it from a designers perspective  you begin to pick up on things such as colors, techniques, shots, things like that that draw a person in. You begin to see tricks that designers and companies use to make a person want to buy a product, things that make you happy or sad take for instance the kleenex commercials with there let it out campaign. look at it the next time you see it on tv. im sure other people pay attention to the commercials they put out there, i have alot of favorites. i really fell in love with these ones from dove awhile ago.  

i guess the whole point of this post is that commercials are such a insight on how the public is and how as a people we react visually to the things we see and how it makes us feel.i love it. ok ill leave you with my favorite commercial of all time.  


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