Jury Summons

today i had to go to Sacaton because of a jury summons. it isn’t that bad honestly, its more simpler than any other jury duty i have been too. well i rode in with my brother this morning which was kinda fun. he bought me breakfast, a egg sausage biscuit from mcdonalds. I always find it interesting going to a jury summons, i find them fun for some odd reason yes they are boring as can be but there is something about going to them that i find a little gratifying maybe because i feel i have done my part for the community.I always find it funny the reasons people give for getting out of there. its even hard on the rez cause everyone knows each other so it makes it difficult to not find so and so’ s cousin. anyways it is always difficult for me to get out of there i always end up making it almost to the end, today it was down to the last 15 then they brought it down to the last 7. i always think i would make a good juror i think of myself as a fair person willing to do his part. but alas i never get picked.well that was my dayanother jury seat lost.