My Birthday

So my birthday was pretty good. i woke up on time so i was in no need to worry, went to work actually got alot of things done i made 2 flyers. for some event was cool my coworkers took me out to lunch today we went to rosati’s i had some kick ass lasagna.i went back to work and finished my projects so all in all good work.then tonight we went to red robin, if you remember last year i went and had a free cheeseburger this year was no exception, there was alot of kids having there parties there too. so everyone around me was getting sung that song that goes happy happy birthday.and they clap. i usually go low profile, get my burger and head on out. i always try to not make my birthday such a big deal. i don’t know why i don’t know if it is age or what. but im not one for celebrating it as much, maybe its the curse that has plagued me since 2003 who knows…but this year was different, this is the first year that chloe has been here with see your child and you see her growing, knowing your getting older, happy to be there sitting with your child.i mean how lucky can a man be a wife who loves loves loves him and a daughter who is growing and becoming aware of the world around her.its amazingso we went to dinner i was surrounded by my friends well actually i should say family who loves and cares for me. and then you realize that your one of the luckiest guys on the was a nice birthday the only thing that sucks about it is as we were walking out and getting into the car, my camera decided it wanted to be free and go for a jump…it smashed onto the pavement making that aweful sound it makes when it hits the ground.well what are you going to do right…well see if it works tomorrow.i think its time for a new camera honestly…think it might be time to give him a rest he has been through alot.well as for gifts didnt really get muchbut Talia did give me the coolest present ever tickets to see Rush May 1st…rad wife i know.well to all those with february 1st bdays happy birthday.


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