more scans

i have been trying to make my way through these negatives. 

i dropped more off saturday. im excited to see those, I haven’t really been adding commentary to the photos trying to let them speak for themselves. i have been missing the street stuff, i miss walking around and just shooting. in a couple of weeks im thinking i might go downtown and shoot for a whole day. i am enjoying going out with talia and shooting when i get the chance but alot of those photos feel really bland not to interesting to me. i don’t know maybe this is just me.


these photos are take at the mall during christmas time. it was crowded and crazy im not one to venture out much during christmas time. i honestly hate the malls during that time but i went and took the camera. the end frames are when we went to payson to go hiking. i wrote about it along time ago these are some of my B/W frames from that adventure.  and the last 3 frames are from my brothers birthday dinner. i love the frame of nick’s wife.