in my head!

i cant wait for the week to be over, im tired and ready to go home.

i have been really getting up early and trying to be on time and have really succeeded. but im ready to relax this weekend. hopefully ill be able to scan the rest of my film. the color ones for some odd reason are like super curly, i don’t think they hung them to dry. on another note i was able to fix my camera, well at least the rangefinder i was pretty proud of myself.

in other news i have been trying to figure this song that i have heard but have no idea who it is. i couldnt explain it to you even if i wanted to. i heard it on bbc radio 1 and have heard it a couple of times but didnt catch the name. i always find these obscure bands they play on radio 1, they are usually local to uk so i never am able to find out really. take for instance kate nash, im sure you have never heard of her but now she is starting to get played more, heard one of her songs even played on grays anatomy. i kept waiting for a cd to come out and finally found it, thought i was going to have to pay 40 bucks for a import but it was on sale for 15 pretty rad, so i always find these obscure bands. from that station.

and now i have a song stuck in my head.


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