my love

in 6 more days it is valentines day. valentines day for me and talia has never honestly been a big deal usually its only dinner and flowers. tulips to be exact. we are not very fond of valentines day to much mostly because it always someone trying to make up for the rest of the year. the only reason we actually do anything is because of our birthdays. its so close to them.i believe romance should be a daily thing not a one time a year thing. im sure it has some meaning for others, but mostly its just a big pink day for just thinking about all the years me and talia have been together, its been about 10 years. and 5 of those have been married. the other night talia and me were laying around and she looks over and just smiles at me and i happen to look over and see her smiling. and she says to me you still make me feel like im young again. its funny cause she still makes me feel that way too. over the years our relationship has not changed in a negative way but has grown deeper and deeper over the years. and even more now that chloe is here. it is such a deeper love for her. i dont know if this makes any sense. like last night as we layed in bed together going to sleep all i could do was hold her. i held her all night long which in turn made me late for work. but i couldn’t pull myself away from her. i guess im just thinking of her and wishing i was there with her and just mising both of them i guess and wanted to write it out.


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