my obsession with bikes.

well if some of you didnt know i have a obsession with bikes.

yes, really im obsessed with bikes, sure some people choose purses, shoes, computers, beanie babies whatever. i think at one time i told talia i wanted at least a road bike a commuter bike, a hand made bike, and a cruiser bike. she brought the question why are you so in love with bikes? and why do you need so many. it got me thinking about why i like bikes so much and why do i need so many. so i started to think of my bike history and what bikes i had throughout my lifetime. and i honestly can only think of 4 bikes that i have owned in my lifetime. am i the only kid that didn’t have a ton of bikes or what? talia even said she always had a bike around the house. i remember as i was young my brother and sister having bikes to ride but not really riding them. i remember having a skateboard and knowing how to skate since i as at least 7 or 8 maybe even younger. maybe my parents saw it as a cheaper option instead of buying us bikes. i would always ride my brothers and sisters bikes around and end up beating the crap out of them and my parents yelling at me.

but i honestly do not remember me having any other bikes except the one i had. i basically had only one bike but i always count my grandfathers bike as mine since i still have it.

so here is the story of my grandfathers bike from what i gather he bought this bike in a thrift store and when he saw it he had to have it, i did some history on the bike and was able to find out what kind of bike it was, even have a actual ad of the bike. my mom said he used to ride that bike everywhere even got arrested while riding it on one of his crazy weekends. well my memories of that bike dont really end up like that. i remember i was about 5 or 6 we would go bike riding together. he would get a pillow and put me on the center bar and we would go visit family down the road, i always think about those rides as i look at the frame. i have been wanting to rebuild it for the last 2 years and have made some progress on it but still need to really work on it. its funny i forget alot of things but riding on that bike with my grandfather the memories are so vivid like they happened yesterday.

then my other bike was a bmx GT, i dont know if this a actual make or model thats what the top tube said. well this bike has a even funnier story behind it. my grandfather on my dads side of the family, from what i remember is he came over one day out of nowhere and brought me this bike. i later learned that he happened upon a guy in his daughters room, and as the guy was trying to jump out the window he shoved him out the window, knocking him unconscious. well when the guy woke up he took of leaving his bike behind which is how i first got my bmx. i used to ride that bike everywhere jumping ramps trying all kinds of stuff on it. and one day i think it just died. i remember the bike colors it was black and gold i loved that bike. it was fun. i crashed and cried so many time because of that bike.

when i was in art school i didn’t have a car so alot of the time i was either walking or riding my skateboard to school. it became to difficult to ride to school on a skateboard carrying a portfolio strapped to my back so i saw this ad in our laundromat and it was a bike for like a 100 bucks. i remember thinking maybe i should buy me a bike so i can ride it everywhere. i took a tag and never called on it. but maybe a month later it went down to 75, then i knew i had to buy it. so i called the guy looked it over and then bought it it was a schwinn mountain bike, i remember taking it home doing some work on it and it was fine. i rode this thing everywhere, when i needed something i rode my bike. i would ride to the grocery store, kmart, dennys, everywhere. i think this is where i learned to love riding as fast as i could go and dodging traffic. i never got into any accidents, came close but never got hit im glad to say. at the time i lived right down the road from one of the most dangerous roads in phoenix. it took me everywhere with maybe only 1 or 2 flats in the time i owned it, it even used to get me and my friend everywhere. he would jump on the handlebars and we would go. i miss this bike, even to this day i had alot of respect for that thing. he was stolen one night while i was in class. i was so upset about it. i remember calling my brother and telling him my story. my poor schwinn i hope wherever you are they ride you as much as i did. i lost many a pant leg in that chain.

those where my bikes of my life 28 years old and i have only had 4 bikes in my lifetime.

i dont know if that is a bad or good thing.

the current bike i have right now is a beach cruiser. a paul franck scury bike. it gets me everywhere i want to go, i have rode over a couple hundred miles on this thing. honestly no lie i computed the miles yesterday while me and talia were riding bikes. i have had this bike for maybe 2 or 3 years im not to sure. but i love it. it is starting to get scratches on its frame but i love it like that. it is forever dusty i can clock about 14-16 mph on it. which i think is pretty good for a beach cruiser.

i love this bike. all i need is some fenders on it.

this is also the first bike that i have bought myself and the first brand new bike that i have eveer owned in my life. all the other bikes have been given to me or used in one way or another. so this one is special to me. i saved and saved for this bike.

well i am already craving another bike, im looking to buy a new one soon im thinking about maybe a fixed gear surly steamroller. i have been reading about track bikes for awhile and really love the form and simpleness of the bikes, there is something about a bike broken down to the bare components seeing it for what it is, a machine, gears, cranks, wheels and steel.

i love it. its beautiful.

so maybe in a couple of months a new bike. i just know im missing that feeling of riding long and fast. so that explains my obsession of bikes.

hopefully you have one around your home, get on it. ride, its the best feeling in the world.

im going to go get some coffee now. on my bike.

even though my legs are tired.

they will warm up when i start to pedal.

and picture me rolling………


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