its valentines day…

and chloe is sick once again…

she seems to get sick on all the cool holidays, i hope she feels better.  i don’t like my baby feeling sick i know it is a part of life but it makes me sad.  Me and talia are really not doing much since she is sick mostly sitting around watching tv, maybe a movie later on tonight… maybe amelie or chocolat.

we were planning on going out to dinner tomorrow night but the outlook doesn’t look to good.Maybe this weekend or something.

i hope your valentines day went well

today at work we had a party it was fun. earlier this week we made valentines boxes and  today we passed out cards to each other.  it was cool. reminded me of elementary school.  and if you didnt hear chloe said her first word yesterday she said Buh Bye!

aint that the coolest thing ever.

my daughter said her first words! all she needs to do is get better now…