today i was able to spend the whole day with chloe. her mother need a opportunity to go out with Angie and hang out. so me and Chloe spent the day together. this has been one of the first times that me and her actually got to just be together. we went to the opening of the new skatepark in sacaton, it was fun a little warm but fun we only stayed for about a hour mostly to hear Stuart throw down a set. then we came home hung out most of it playing, and going for a walk. we also fell asleep for about a hour. i always love spending the weekend with this girl.

so i did some shooting as well…

mostly of stuart.

as of late i have been using my oly xa2 with color film…
i saw some shots recently that used this film called Ferrania Solaris i have been using the 200 speed film…

these are my test shots.
ferrania solaris 200 expired nov 2007

this is my sister terri…






  a bench


new shoes













these are from my 35 paoramic. it aint really a panoramic it just cuts a 35mm frame…

i need to try a different film this is lucky 100 i got from someone. i wish these came out better these are all i could salvage.









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