man i just had lunch a hour ago and im still hungry….this morning for breakfast i had a cherry pepsi and funnyuns…. not the most nutritious. i had a chicken caesar salad for lunch. last night me and talia ventured to this sandwich place called lee’s sandwiches simple enough, well the sandwiches are simple not really special, but man the bread alone is worth the trip.and another cool thing today sigur ros is showing there heima video on youtube in its entirety. video here one of these days i will go to iceland with talia and chloe. i suspect that place is unbelievably beautiful. amazing video that is. watch it if you get the chance. ill also have pictures to post this weekend im pretty sure i have been using the xa2 as of late shooting color, color is so hard to use. you can get so lost in it, its such a hard thing to use…  


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