my weekend

this weekend was intresting to say the least. baptisms and domestic violence. all rolled into a weekend. funny how those things happen. Yesterday we attended my brothers from another mothers son’s baptism which was really nice to see. its not every day that a young man is willing to try and serve God. it was a nice way to spend the evening together. though the dinner was something else. we tried some different locations rigatonys then sweet tomatoes…but they were not really willing to serve us for some odd reason, so we ended the night with some sub par food at a sports bar. honestly it was fun.

but as the night progressed it seemed apparent that good times were not in store. we got home and me or talia didn’t feel so good i felt nauseous and talia didn’t feel any better talia seemed to get a upset stomach and so did i.

but i recovered but she wasn’t so lucky she is still fighting as of right now. well at about 3 this morning there was a fight across the hall the neighbor girl and her boyfriend. talia thinks that he was beating her up she called the police the police came and separated them, making the boyfriend leave. the cop seemed to get things under control. thank goodness, but it made talia upset for the rest of the night. she slept all morning still nauseous, me and chloe took my brother to breakfast this morning. though he was a little hungover and nauseous himself. so conversation was sparse.

well now here i am sitting her typing this out and scanning images as always. seems like im always here doing this routine. i also got to play with stu’s new pioneer 400 mixer cant wait to really play with it. i tell you that is a sexy mixer, as this is a sexy film i really like the colors it gives not bad for a $1 a roll. this is still the same stuff, the Ferrania Solaris 200 and 400 expired and not expired… i really love this stuff. cant wait to shoot it through a yashica.

these are leftovers from the skate competition.

stuart cleaning up and jaime on the decks… stuart plays drum and bass, i enjoy hearing him play.


this is jaime he mixes alot of stuff mostly hip-hop…hes pretty fun to listen too…





this is breakfast…i really like this shot for some odd reason… i knew the xa2 was going to expose for outside. but i love how it picked up the simple highlights on there faces.

its very simple i wish it was framed more correctly but i guess it works….






more chloe



cant have one without the other



and one of reese he has started to loose teeth…as you can see he is missing his two front teeth… its funny i dont remember myself at that age loosing teeth i cant remember the feeling… im pretty sure it grossed me out for some odd reason though.



out shopping…saw her sitting there…i like her shoes im pretty sure she was on the phone i could be mistaken she might be blocking the sun or trying to avoid me…



lees sandwiches…my new favorite joint… i really enjoy using this camera it is a no thinking camera. frame, pick your distance, and shoot…

if you know the camera it is quick. although at times it is a bit slow it is prone to motion blur, i really love using the 35 lines though. if could buy a camera that i actually was able to see the 35 lines i would be happy indeed. you can fill it with so much. sometimes not enough though, the canonet uses a 40 lens im used to it now but i do like the 35 for reasons like this.



me and my coworker got tired of sitting in front of our laptops while we were out in the community for our mobile pay station so we took a walk she took me to this old house that was near hers. i took some photos.



there was a cat living here he scared the crap out of us…



i like how the room had collapsed into a fan like shape.

thought it was cool.



and further down the road there was another. i liked the wallpaper surrounded by the wood texture.

it was the only spot that still had it on the wall.



this was the entrance to the second house. it was more scarier than the first. it led down 4 bedrooms until it reached that back room that is all dark we ventured into the side four rooms but not the back room we looked inside and from what we could see it was the bathroom…

honestly it was pretty scary.



this was from the same day, on my way home from my moms place on the rezervation, evenings like this remind me of my youth how it was in the summer, and now it makes me want to move back home sooner.



well on to some other stuff…i took this while on my bike. he was waiting for the bus…for some odd reason i thought i was closer.



these guys were working i wish i had remembered to switch my distance scale…

but i like nontheless…



and last but not least is my morning cup of coffee on the weekend. this is my favorite time of day waking up taking a shower jumping on my bike, cold but still sitting outside, with a cup of coffee by my bike. looking and watching people around me. this is my morning on a weekend, like i said if i dont have at least this i feel out or sorts. but when i do get it i enjoy it.

hope you had fun looking at the pictures hope you all have a good week and take care.



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