i just realized something

i did some research and found out one of my cameras i picked up at the goodwill is actually a “action sampler” i think i said it takes 4 pictures on one 35mm shot. i was looking at the lomo site today and i noticed that camera looked like mine.  so i looked at it closely when i got home and low and behold there it is… i cant believe that they are selling them for 30 bucks on that site. i found mine for 3 bucks at a goodwill…

thats just insane to me…
i know lomo is all about the 10 rules… hell i bought into it for awhile thats kinda how i got into shooting film again but i wasnt going to spend so much money on a lomo i found a cheaper version a yashica electro 35 and hence my entry into rangefinders. but man it makes me feel cool knowing i found one for so cheap. but to be honest i would still like a lomo but cant see myself spending so much money for one. one of the things good about lomo is that they are a true believer in film.

cant be upset with them about that.    

on a side note i miss heather’s posts… 


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