design nerds

picture this.

im on the computer, talia sitting on the couch reading her new interview magazine she got a subscription for free somewhere and after 8 long weeks its here. so picture this she comes across this image of a naked girl and starts saying she looked awful because she was so skinny and wondered if it was real, she said I’m sure it is photoshopped but she looks crazy. so think about this I’m a guy and there is a naked picture of a girl. any other male would run over and say let me see…

well i go let me see and then i cant really see it and go back to what I’m doing. well a couple of minutes run by and talia comments on the way the magazine is organized and how the fonts and headlines are laid out. i say again let me see and run over to look… for a split second i laugh at myself and tell talia man a couple of minutes ago you try to show me a naked girl and i say ill look later but when a comment about fonts and grids comes up im right over there…

design nerds,
who doesn’t love a grid, a nice organized layout and a nice font used in a magazine.
i just had to write about that…

and i just did a search and learned that interview was made by andy worhol and Gerard Malanga in 1969


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