im not irish but kiss me anyway

so ive been trying to type a blog for the last 10 minutes but for some odd reason safari decides it doesn’t like me typing for whatever reason.
sometimes i hate using safari i should just use good ol’ firefox.

well on to other topics on hand, last night me, talia and chloe spent the night with our Irish family. for the last 4 years or so we always go to our friend Joyce’s families house to eat and partake of the festivities. they honestly make the best food.

i always find it funny that older people in there 60’s and 70’s can still drink and have fun. take for instance the party starts at about 5:30 in the evening and by 9 everyone is leaving to go home. i think my favorite time of the night is catching up with everyone and listening to everyone sing songs. but that was the evening.

though i must admit i was a little sad i did not get to wear my “im not Irish but kiss me anyway” shirt it was in the dryer. i missed the old lady’s giving me kisses…

on another note film to come sometime this week…

stay tuned.


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