more color film.

its funny…

someone actually tried to do a search and typed in the words “naked girl” and they found the previous post.

going through negatives now from the other day i took 5 rolls of that cheap ferrania stuff man this 200 speed looks awesome… the film just looks nice. but on the other hand as i was shooting my camera decides to have a shut down film kept advancing with no shutter opening lots of wasted shots…

i dont like wasting film…

though sometimes i feel like i should shoot everything.

but i still dont for whatever reason.

i have been thinking and i miss my canonet…think its time to go back and shoot that again… the oly xa2 has been fun but i took my canonet out for a spin the other night it was hard to focus, got to accustomed to framing and just shooting. i got a little lazy.

i can always tell there is a major difference between my color and BW stuff… color is hard to work with like i said. its challenging.

well i thought i would finish this post since im up… though i should go get some coffee… i went to bed at 3:00 am this morning and now im up to 7:00 am…

i wonder if at a certain age you start to become more of a morning person instead of a night owl.

ohh i forgot heather is back posting again awesome…
really touching fotos she put up recently…

well i should show you some photos now…

these were all shot on either 200 or 400 speed Ferrania Solaris on the xa2. and that cheap plastic panoramic camera.


Talia and Chloe at the park last weekend. i love these weekend adventures. cant wait till it gets warmer and then the water on this thing will be on so we can take Chloe to play in the water. fun times ahead.



there was also this big dog sitting in the back of this truck while we were leaving. he was sitting in the back he had a bed and a carpet to lay on… for a second he looked scary but after awhile he was more interested in smiling.


as you can see i worked up enough courage to go in closer.



my kitchen was also dirty time for some spring cleaning… me thinks. i really like this 400 film. its kinda nice. a little grainy but its ok. i like that it really brings out the reds.



Souper Salad, lonely chairs.



my dirty mug… and i have lint on my face.



riding my bike for coffee they were waiting for the bus… lots and lots of flare.


he was in back of me and looking at this woman that was a little overweight.. honestly he looked totally disgusted…shooting from the hip cause i didnt want to feel his wrath. i dont know what to think about that, i mean the whole looking disgusted look.



stuff at starbucks. this xa2 lens is really prone to flare i noticed with this roll…



morning coffee… venti vanilla late. and my old Motorola phone that they dont make no more.



stolen cart. on my way home from getting coffee. i like the running feet. on the front… i wonder if the people were running from the store when they stole the cart. thought it was kinda funny.



I went to breakfast with Stuart, i spent the day with Chloe and asked him if he wanted to go to breakfast with me and her. the girl in the back to his left, he was trying to work up the courage and ask for her number but he didnt do it. he was hungover in this pic. on another note like 10 minutes later we saw the element skate team there for breakfast.



a horse. apparently nobody really wants to have lotta fun with it.



here is the roll from the cheap plastic camera. i keep wanting to put a roll through it and something always happens to it. i dropped it on carpet the other day and it literally blew up i mean i dropped it from a foot high and it exploded… i thought that was funny. so i broke out with the cure for all plastic cameras… ie. electrical tape and put it back together… i guess we will see if it works still.

man and these are from the beginning of the month i really need to finish my rolls of film. once i put them in a camera. sometimes i have like 3 cameras in my bag. ridiculous i know.


elders kicking it at the skatepark.



the stage



free decks…well actually raffle prizes i heard a certain dj said i dont play for free and took one for payment. funny.



and last but not least…damn i dont know why i have so many frames of this guy….



well thats it for now. im back to the canonet went for coffee this morning and got caught taking photos im not as fast as i was i think… so that tells me i need to shoot with that again.

well hope Easter is swell…

see you all later.



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