bunny killers.

im awake, early again

man i could go for some coffee…
talia is still sleeping.
chloe is at her grandmothers.
its weird to not have her here in the morning.

i should vacuum. and clean the apartment.
but im being lazy.
my neighbors upstairs started vacuuming at like 7:30 this morning. don’t know how i should feel about that one.

im sitting here looking at negatives, i think im done using the xa2 for now. its not like my rangefinder.

a side note to remember i cant shoot and go out on st patricks day, i can see it in the negatives.
blur sucks.

my neighbors dog is crying again…stupid dog, not that i hate dogs i love them but i cant stand to hear it crying.

so i have been looking through scans and looking at the cds which i ordered from the walgreens with the negs. i wanted to see how much my scans differed from the scans they can do… only reason i like doing my own is because im able to show my images full frame instead of whatever they give me. but man there sure is a difference in the scans… some of them are awesome,

well i guess i should show you what i have…
not to many this time around…

this is emma she is our friends daughter. she is the sweetest little girl ever. this was frome St patty days. her grand parents always throw a St Pattys day party and this is from that night.



by this shot i had way to much scotch.

but its always fun to see public displays of affection. it makes me smile, im sure some people get grossed out but it always makes me smile.



seems like alot to be pulling…im sure he was tired by now, this was his 4 or 5th trip.



little girl with pink boots…

i should have held on for another second…

its funny what a second can mean….



for some odd reason i always try a picture at this bench and it never works for me this is ok i guess…



this photo looks awesome from the cd. the grain and shadow are awesome. this scan doesnt give it justice.

talias shirt and chloes wash cloth.



vicorias secret ad. i just find the ads interesting. i always love the typfaces, and it amazes me what they will show in a ad. and to be honest vicoria secret has some of the best marketing. i wonder how feel about this? but i know that guys pay attention to it too…


nordstrum window…

i love the windows.

marketing in general.


espos the mexican place we go too… the flare again.


i wonder if some kids did this or some soccer mom in her SUV.



the same person who did the trash can probably did this too… i did see them right after another.

hmmm a question to be pondered.




well thats it from me for now…

i think im done using the xa2.

you tell me have my pictures started to suck because of using color and the xa2. i can tell the difference but people telling you is totally different.

i dont know…






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