its 5:08am

i have been up since 4:30am this morning and i cant sleep. 

i honestly have no reason why i should not be in bed with my wife sleeping… i wish i was asleep instead of here typing this blog out.  i hate being a insomniac. it sucks there isn’t nothing on tv either, unless your interested in buying some knives or the magic bullet. so instead im sitting here trying to be quite. listening to atmospheres new track.  can not wait for this cd.

this song is sick.

bet you cant listen just once. 

man i was having some weird dreams earlier.  kept tossing and turning. im trying to decide if i should go and take a shower at 5:16 am

or going for a walk

or coffee…  

settled for a shower.

i dont think ill be going back to sleep for some time. ill probably stay up until this afternoon then crash and be so tired i have to take a nap. 

i just realized that i have like a million updates on this computer.  i wonder if starbucks is open this early.  then there is always good ol’ cirkle K the coffee rocks there.  Talia yells at me for getting starbucks when i could go get a cup of coffee for $1.50. but i guess you pay for the atmosphee and the people around you and a place where everyone knows you name. its kinda like cheers i guess. but not as nicer everyone thinking they are important. 

i think the guys have started working on the condos across the road. i here hammers. 

Darrell just called us from Casa Grande…  Crazy fool drinking in CG…  man that dude don’t stop…  didn’t have to go pick him up. he got a cab home… you have to love your friends calling you at 5:30am to come pick them up. well at least he ain’t driving, and it is on a saturday morning.  so thats good. 

30 minutes till bob ross starts…

need some coffee.

already fed chloe.

washed bottles. 

now i need some coffee…

got some coffee from circle k

drove through some yard sales. 

i always find my love for garage sales funny i remember when my mom would always drag me or my uncle out to those things. i did see something i was actually looking for but alas no cash…

man my neighbors are loud. every morning they are always stomping around. and dont even get me started on there bedroom sucks being in a deep sleep and then hearing them. nice people. but man they are loud. 

ohh gotta go bobs on… time for some happy trees…




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