this morning me and my neighbor Dan went out for some coffee and then we went to take some photos.

across the road from our apartment complex.  there is a old house that stands there, it once belonged to this old man that lived there. im not sure for how long, he was there when we moved into the complex. he lived there alone except for the farm animals that also lived there.  its funny when he left there was some chickens that he didnt take with him, so they wandered around the apartment complex for a couple of months. always waking us up. it was nice. its weird because this whole area used to be farm area now it is developed into aparmtnet complexes, and office buildings. not what he expected im sure. i always see that house and wonder what happened to him? why did he leave? what kind of person was he? why was he all alone? all kinds of questions. 

well as we were walking around taking photos, we came upon these old negatives i wanted to see what was on them so i took them. i don’t know if that was right or wrong, but i found it interesting, interesting in the fact that these are someone’s memories, someone’s life recorded to film. i find it awesome that they survived all these years, and sad also that these are memories long forgotten. but you cant help but be intrigued by these shots from this person. you begin to ask yourself about these photos, who took them? who where the people in the photos? are they still living? are they dead? are they still in love? all questions that cant be answered by me, only them. its life recorded to film.


a persons life.

a families life.

a persons history.

its amazing to me.